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Do you import or send goods to the Slovak Republic?
Do you have an e-shop in the Slovak Republic?
WARNING! You may be required to register for VAT in the Slovak Republic!
We will be happy to arrange and help you with all the steps required for VAT registration in Slovakia

Foreign companies are mandatory register in SR for VAT in these cases:

It imports goods from a third country to the Slovak Republic and further sells them in EU countries.

Sends goods to the Slovak Republic to non-taxable persons (shipment sales) and the total value without tax of the goods delivered in this way reaches a limit of EUR 35,000 in a calendar year.

Complete services connected with VAT

If you meet at least one of these conditions, you are required to register as a foreign company for VAT in the Slovak Republic.
We will be happy to take care of all the tasks associated with VAT registration in Slovakia.

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